Guidelines, Criteria and Process

Northfield Shares Grant Guidelines

Northfield Shares is grateful for the extraordinary generosity of its donors to provide funding to local non-profit organizations. While we may not be able to fully fund or support every request we receive, we encourage all to apply.

Applications are reviewed and rated by the Grants Committee and the Board of Directors in terms of:

  • Eligibility and conformity to the grant guidelines.
  • Ability to maintain and enhance the overall well-being of our community.
  • Capacity and ability to successfully manage funds and execute proposal.


The above criteria apply to grant proposal funding requests from the Endowed Funds held by Northfield Shares Community Foundation. In addition, specific criteria are used to evaluate the merits of each proposal, and may include that the organization and/or proposal:

  • Meets a current community need and is feasible as presented.
  • Generates the biggest multiplier effect, creating a positive ripple effect for human and/or social gains.
  • Leverages other funds.
  • Encourages and involves volunteers.
  • Encourages collaboration with other organizations.
  • Provides vital assistance within the Northfield community to sustain a thriving, equitable community for all residents.

Specific purposes and criteria as determined by the donor are found within the respective restricted fund descriptions below.

  • The Grace Whittier Fund is donor-designated to support recreational opportunities for Northfield youth. Note: This grant has its own guidelines.
  • The Nutting Beautification Fund is donor-designated for the beautification of Northfield.
  • The Bill Clifford Family Legacy Fund is focused on helping young people (teens and young adults) reach their full potential.
  • The Engseth-Rinde Restoration Fund supports habitat restoration silviculture, related ecological and social research and related education projects focusing on units of the prairie creek wildlife management area or other properties located in a corridor between Nerstrand and Dennison, MN.

Click here for a list of Northfield Shares managed funds.

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  • The online grant application period will open on July 5, 2023, and will close October 2, 2023.
  • Once a completed grant application is received, careful consideration is given to each request. The Grants Committee and Board of Directors will review and rate proposals using the criteria outlined above.
  • Each application is reviewed by our Grants Committee in terms of its general eligibility and conformity to the grant guidelines, available funds, and project feasibility. The committee presents its recommendations to the Northfield Shares Board of Directors for final approval. We operate based on principles of integrity, trust, transparency, and accountability.
  • Applications are due in October, awards are announced in November, and funds are distributed by the end of the calendar year. Specific dates will be communicated to the chosen grant recipients.


If awarded, grant recipients will be expected to:

  • Report back to Northfield Shares by completing the Final Impact Report by the end of our grant cycle (September 30), and send it along with photos of your project to
  • Return any unused funds at the end of the grant cycle to Northfield Shares, unless the grant recipient has been given an extension in writing.

Questions?  Please contact us at 507-403-9755, or by email at