Seeking Volunteer Nominations

National Volunteer Week  is April 16-22, 2023  and we need your help celebrating volunteers! #NVW

Throughout National Volunteer Week stories of volunteers (individuals and/or groups) will be highlighted in the Northfield News, on the Northfield Shares website and social media outlets, and through inspiring posters around town. In addition to celebrating the wonderful volunteers who make a difference in our community, we hope stories of volunteers will inspire others to make a difference in this community.

When you hear the words “dedicated volunteer” who comes to mind? Is there a volunteer for your organization who comes back time after time to continue to lend a hand? Who are the “behind the scenes” volunteers making everything happen for any given project or idea? These are the people and/or groups we would love to hear about!!

As a Northfield Shares partner we are looking to you for names of wonderful volunteer groups and/or individual volunteers. The Northfield Shares Volunteerism Committee will be gathering nominees until February 4, 2022. Committee members will then reach out to individuals/groups to interview them about their volunteer work and write a short story which will be celebrated during National Volunteer Week.

What we need from you by February 4, 2023 emailed to

  • Name of at least one volunteer or group of volunteers (more than one would be even better!)
  • Email address for volunteer or main group contact
  • Short paragraph about the work of the volunteer/group and how they make a difference in your organization/for your project

Thank you for taking time to help us celebrate volunteers across our community and for inspiring others to volunteer!