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Northfield doesn’t disappoint when it comes to creative, energetic, passionate, helpful people!  In order to help support community needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic, click on the VOLUNTEER HUB button above.  The Volunteer Hub is updated as volunteer needs and opportunities arise. 

**** Organizations Register your organization and post your own volunteer needs. ****

Examples of how you can help:

Make and Donate Face Masks      UPDATED LOCATIONS as of 10/9!

Make and Donate Isolation Gowns      UPDATED LOCATIONS as of 10/9!

Healthy meals, snacks for healthcare and caregivers

Donate dollars to our local nonprofits for COVID-19 Relief

Volunteer with the Community Action Center of Northfield

Donate Blood

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Apply for positions at healthcare and essential service organizations, grocery stores.

Ask your local essential workers and neighbors how you can help / what they may need

Write letters to those who cannot receive visitors

Create positive message banners

Put a stuffed Teddy Bear in your window 

Buy Chamber Bucks

Buy Gift Cards from local businesses


Please honor the public health recommendations and know that #StayHome, Sanitize, and Spatial Distancing are the most effective ways to help during this time.

  • Honor the public health recommendations. The best, most effective way to help is to #STAYHOME. Follow recommendations from public health officials including hand washing, limiting exposure, and wearing a mask, but if you are not feeling well, please stay home and get well. Thanks to people who think like you, there will be plenty of volunteers to help when needed.
  • Practice Social Distancing. If you are delivering supplies and/or food to a family or organization, follow social distancing best practices: call or text in advance to notify recipients you’re going to drop off items on their front step or porch, wear your mask, ring the doorbell, and move at least six feet away from the door to minimize the spread of germs.
  • Look for opportunities that are limited in size. Organizations know the importance of the roles they play in minimizing the spread of the disease. If you are committed to volunteering with others, look for a group size of 10 or less and keep your distance from each other (at least six feet apart). Remember, even when you are volunteering in small groups or alone you are making a difference.



Are YOU looking for volunteer opportunities?

In addition to advancing philanthropy and promoting collaborative leadership, inspiring volunteerism completes our mission.

Volunteerism has always been a highlight of the Northfield Community. Initially founded as part of the towns' Sesquicentennial, 5th Bridge brought forth promotion of Volunteering throughout Northfield. Since 2014 when 5th Bridge and Northfield Area Foundation merged to become NorthfieldShares, inspiring volunteerism continues to thrive because of the time and talent of people in Northfield.

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Are you wondering about the people who work with Northfield Shares to organize volunteer events and implement Galaxy Digital? Our Inspiring Volunteerism Committee meets once a month to brainstorm, plan, and implement programs and ideas supporting volunteerism. We are always looking for creative, dedicated individuals to join our team! Contact info@northfieldshares.org for more info.