Northfield Shares An Evening Of Entertainment – LIVE

Northfield Shares an Evening of Entertainment LIVE has gone VIRTUAL!

On Saturday, September 16, 2023, Northfield Shares hosted Northfield Shares an Evening of Entertainment LIVE, an event which brought together talented local performers, Northfield Shares grant recipients, and engaged community members. The result was a magical, inspiring, and entertaining in-person community celebration, held at the Estenson Barn in support of Northfield Shares, YOUR Community Foundation. Thank you to all of those who donated to, volunteered at, and who attended this event!

Understanding that only a small fraction of our Northfield community members were able to attend, we are thrilled to present to you Northfield Shares an Evening of Entertainment VIRTUAL, a program created from the LIVE capture of this unique event. We invite ALL to enjoy this production, and invite ALL to come alongside Northfield Shares in growing a permanent financial foundation for Northfield. Remember that collectively we can make a big impact in OUR community, and though Northfield Shares, it is one that exists in perpituity!

View photos from the event, compliments of Bridgette Hallcock Photography!

Thank you to all the Sponsors, Community Partners, Nonprofit Partners, Volunteers and more.  See the full list of all those involved in putting together this year’s production below.


Our Sponsors

Carleton College, Carlson Capital Management, College City Beverage, Community Resource Bank, James & Mary Crow, Jayne Hager Dee, Estes Campbell Law Firm, Michelle & Sean Flannery, Dan & Kristin Hummel, Dale & Linda Ness, Neuger, Doug & Jean Parrish, Robin Peterson Family & Friends, POST Consumer Brands, Professional Dental Group, Rebound Partners, Jennifer Sawyer Family Fund, ServiceMaster by Ayotte, Robert & Elizabeth Shepley, SMSQ Architects, Aaron & Kelly Street, Robert & Barbara Will Fund.

Our Community Partners

Bridgette Hallcock Photography, Carleton PEPS- Yeseo Jeon & Marko Stojanovic, CK Johnson Productions, Engage, The Grand Event Center of Northfield, Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce, Rick & Kristine Estenson, The Sketchy Artist, Ruth’s on Stafford, St. Dominic’s School, Cub Foods, Applebee’s, Rare Pair, Flaherty’s Bowl, James Gang Coffeehouse, Culver’s, Hogan Brothers, and Dairy Queen.

Our NonProfit Impact Story Partners

Clean River Partners, Healthy Community Initiative, HealthFinders, and Project Friendship.

Our Dessert Makers*

HealthFinders Collaborative, Mary Lynn Oglesbee, Kati Sletten, CakeWalk, Loon Liquors, Erika Campbell, Elizabeth Campbell, Healthy Community Initiative, TORCH, Project Friendship, FiftyNorth, St Dominic School, Kelly & Mary Lou Street, The Ole Store, Bread People, Martha Kasper, Cakes ’n Cakes, Martha’s Eats and Treats, Jane Bartho, Keepsake Cidery.

Our Northfield Shares an Evening of Entertainment Planning Committee

Kari Johnson, Jane Bartho, Betsy Brandt, Kelly Street, Corrie Demas, and Merri Kmoch.

Our Northfield Shares Board of Directors

Tara Berndt, Jane Bartho, Erika Campbell, Perry Larson, Arlen Malecha, Stan Mork, Mary Lynn Oglesbee, John Robison, Kelly Street, Paul Thibitoutot, Cody Warren, Kelly Webster, and Youth on Board members Corrie Demas and Merri Kmoch.

Our Northfield Shares Staff

Carrie Carroll, Executive Director
Kari Johnson, Program Manager
John Sinning, Financial Coordinator

*Dessert Makers provided delicious items that were auctioned off at the LIVE event.