Northfield Shares An Evening Of Entertainment

REPRISE 2022 Northfield Shares an Evening of Entertainment

Celebrating Our Community

It is hard to believe a year has come and gone from the original livestream broadcast of Northfield Shares an Evening of Entertainment.  As you hopefully remember, Northfield Shares, along with hundreds of volunteers, broadcasted a delightful online program to our community with a message of “hope and light” through music, comedy and stories.

With the chilly temps and concerns for health still with us this January, we wanted to give you the opportunity to once again sit with your family, in the comfort and safety of your own home, and enjoy the original broadcast of Northfield Shares an Evening of Entertainment.

You can watch the entire program, or if you remember a specific performance you enjoyed, the Schedule of Performances can be found here.  They are listed in order of appearance so you can forward through to find your favorite one!

In addition to enjoying the program, we would like to ask you to consider supporting our organization with a donation.  Northfield Shares continues to support many causes across our community.  We are excited to announce that in the last year, two new endowed funds have been created to support the areas of environmental sustainability and human assistance. For more information about these funds and more, click here or the links above.

Again, thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors, talent, tech team, board of directors, and of course all those who founded Northfield Shares and have entrusted us with their gifts.

A couple of notes as you watch or rewatch the original production.

  • You will hear about an online art auction – this took place in 2021. However, be sure to check out the Artists button below to get updates and information about the artists.

  • The same is true for the restaurants, poets & additional items to create your evening.


Check out the posters below for our talented lineup!