Who We Are

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Northfield Shares was founded to advance philanthropy, inspire volunteerism, and promote collaborative leadership in Northfield, Minnesota. Operating as both a community endowment and hub for volunteerism, Northfield Shares meets the needs and interests of the greater Northfield area today and into the future, providing many ways for individuals to give back to their community.


Northfield Shares seeks to sustain and transform the Northfield community by advancing philanthropy, inspiring volunteerism, and promoting collaborative leadership.


Northfield will be a prosperous and generous community fueled by engaged donors and volunteers.

Our Guiding Principles

Our philanthropic principles will tap individual talents, promote leadership and strengthen community innovation and creativity.

  • We believe in serving with integrity, accountability and transparency to adhere to high ethical standards.
  • We believe in effective and responsible management of financial and community resources.
  • We believe in collaborative and collective impact.


Northfield Shares received accreditation with the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations® in December 2019. This accreditation represents our community foundation’s commitment to going above and beyond federal and state law requirements to demonstrate accountability and excellence to communities, policymakers, and the public.