Nonprofit Funds & Services

Northfield Shares Supports Local NonProfits

We offer support, not only in the form of grant funding, but also to Northfield’s nonprofits through various services and funds.  Creating and achieving organizational goals is key to the success and longevity of local nonprofits.  These might include financial stability, achieving the organizational mission/vision, fundraising, meeting operational budgets, and more.  We support and collaborate with organizations by offering Agency Funds and Fiscal Sponsorships.

Agency Funds & Partners

When a local nonprofit organization has identified their investible assets, they may choose to partner with Northfield Shares by establishing an agency fund for placement of those assets.  Through this partnership, Northfield Shares pools and invests the organization’s assets, providing responsible and professional management of those funds.

agency fund

The Vintage Band Festival Fund

Northfield Public Library

Northfield Historical Society

Rotary of Northfield

Northfield Arts Guild

Friend of the Cannon River Wilderness Area

Fiscal Sponsorships

Through a fiscal sponsorship, Northfield Shares partners with groups who wish to advance projects and programs, or those who are creating solutions to community challenges.  This relationship allows Northfield Shares, acting as the fiscal sponsor, to provide tax-exempt status to select groups whose mission and activities align with that of Northfield Shares’.  Typically, a fiscal sponsorship is used by organizations, individuals or collaborations who are facilitating a short-term project but want an alternative to becoming their own nonprofit organization.