Edith M. Peilen & Tom B. Peilen Charitable Fund

Peilin FundIn May of 2024 the Edith M. Peilen & Tom B. Peilen Charitable Fund was brought under the management of Northfield Shares, Our Community Foundation. The fund honors the vibrant life of Tom Peilen (b.1956), son of Edith and Benjamin Peilen, who died of MS in 2015. The fund will award annual grants to improve the lives of individuals and caregivers across the world who have been impacted by multiple sclerosis (MS).

“There’s no question that Edith was a pioneer in her efforts to ensure extraordinary care and support for people of all abilities. We are honored to extend the Peilen family’s legacy of generosity to improve the quality of life for individuals with MS.” – Carrie Carroll, Northfield Shares Executive Director

Tom’s mother, Edith, was born in 1919 in Hamburg, Germany. Edith was active in charitable work and was especially passionate about directing charitable donations to organizations that work to improve the lives of those living with MS, or that are engaged in supportive outreach to MS patients, their families, and caregivers. Edith was also in support of causes related to music, animals, nature, the arts, and mental health.

Since Edith’s death in 2005, gifts from the Peilen family have been distributed through a donor-advised fund managed by American Center for Philanthropy (ACP), a nonprofit established by the founders of Carlson Capital Management (CCM). Under the direction of ACP, distributions were made to organizations that align with the passion and purpose of the Peilen family, including the U of MN/Fairview MS Achievement Center, the Upper Midwest Chapter of the MS Society, and the Mayo Clinic’s MS research.

“I have long enjoyed a deeply meaningful relationship with the Peilen family, especially Edith. It has been my privilege to carry out the family’s legacy and ensure it continues for generations. Northfield Shares is well positioned to fulfill the Peilen family’s charitable intentions, including its commitment to help oversee and advise on the annual granting process. Its accreditation with the Community Foundations National Standards program is evidence of its pledge to accountability and excellence, values that the Peilen family and CCM, as a representative for the Peilen family, have long upheld with each gift.” – Justin Stets, CEO of Carlson Capital Management and longtime advisor to the Peilen family

Northfield Shares will award grants from the Peilen Fund on an annual basis and will make its first gifts in November 2024. Anyone may make contributions to this fund.