Northfield Shares Volunteer Portal Efforts Featured in Northfield News

Northfield Shares’ volunteer portal efforts were featured in a Northfield News article.

Northfield Shares enlisted consulting firm CliftonLarsonAllen to assess areas of need in the community that a philanthropy and volunteer-oriented organization like Northfield Shares could address. Bolstering volunteerism is one area, and a common theme emerged from focus group feedback in how to do so.

As a result, Northfield Shares initiated an online survey to receive community feedback on the feasibility of developing or adapting a web-based volunteer matching and management tool specific to Northfield. The portal would potentially equip volunteers with the ability to customize their profile based on opportunities they’re looking for, what tasks they are capable of doing, availability and etc. Nonprofit and community organizations could post volunteer listings, receive feedback and select certain skills they are seeking.

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