Neighborhood Volunteer Steps Up To Help

The Northfield community is blessed with volunteers who see a need and step up to help.  Heidi Melnychuk is just such an individual.  Within a span of three days, Melnychuk rallied her neighborhood to donate boxes of food and almost $1000 to the CAC Food Shelf.  Like most people in the community, she was watching the Governor close schools in March and wondering what was going to happen.  “It was very emotional for me because I knew there would be increased demand on the Community Action Center for housing and food.  I knew families would really be in peril and I was just moved to do something.  I wanted to do the most good I could in a few days so I asked my neighbors at Circle Lake for cash donations and food.  Of course, Circle Lake being as generous as they are, everyone started to drop off money right away.  It was just something small I could do to make me feel like I was making a difference.”  She added, “I believe that people would benefit the most from the money and the food immediately.” 

Melnychuk moved to the Northfield area three years ago with her husband, Mark, and two sons Cameron and Tristan, both in 7th grade. She credits her mother-in-law, Kathy, for her initial involvement at a food shelf and for showing her how wonderful it is to help others. Since then, Melnychuck has organized many events and fundraisers in the Hopkins community, most often at her sons’ school. “My sons have seen me do a lot of volunteering and they know that small actions can make a big impact.”

When asked why she likes to volunteer, she said, “Every effort with regards to volunteering is a success, whether big or small, minutes or hours. It’s the same for fundraising. It’s what I have in my heart. I have a passion for helping. It’s true when they say ‘every little bit helps.’ I feel that every little bit is a success.”