Grace Whittier Fund

A longtime resident with ancestral roots to the area, Grace Whittier left the City of Northfield a legacy gift in the amount of $240,000 when she died in 1988. Grace intended that the money be used as a permanent endowment to benefit youth recreational activities. A beautiful article in the Northfield News commemorates Grace Whittier for her numerous life accomplishments and acts of generosity.

For many years, a separate City-led committee met to review grant requests and to recommend grant awards. Now, Northfield Shares serves in the capacity of grant reviewer and makes recommendations to the City, awarding $23,050 in grants since 2017.

Grant requests are accepted through Northfield Shares’ online application during the organization’s grant season. Northfield Shares administers the applicable grants in accordance with the original Grace Whittier Grant Guidelines.

Thank you, Grace Whittier, for caring about tomorrow’s children!