Why Give

Northfield Shares provides easy, impactful, and effective ways for you to support projects and programs in the Northfield community that are meaningful to you. 

Northfield Shares is the ONLY organization in the area that is exclusively focused on establishing a long-range foundation for community health and vitality.

It’s easy.

You make a gift to one organization—Northfield Shares. We can help distribute that one gift to many organizations and projects within the Northfield community.

You choose how your gift is used.

You decide how your philanthropic dollars are distributed. We make it happen.

You receive maximum tax benefits.

All gifts given to Northfield Shares are charitable contributions and qualify for tax advantages.

Everything benefits the Northfield community.

Together, we are investing in the projects, ideas and causes that both sustain and transform the Northfield community. This is our home. And we want it to be a vibrant place for generations to come.

Start Giving Back Today