Northfield Shares Family of Funds

The Northfield Shares Family of Funds offers several different types of funds designed to fit the individual donor’s wishes, ranging from unrestricted gifts that allow the Advisory Board to make grants to local organizations to specific gifts designated by the donor. Contributions from individuals, families, businesses and charitable organizations build the individual endowment funds, the earnings from which are used to support community needs and interests.

Althought the early endowment funds, were managed by the Minnesota Community Foundation, a public charity that manages and administers funds for the benefit of organizations and communities throughout Minnesota, all funds are now managed in Northfield by Northfield Shares.

The donor’s gift is never spent; it is invested. The earnings from the invested gift are used to benefit the community and enhance the quality of life in the Northfield area. Donors also benefit through the great satisfaction of giving something back to their community and by receiving significant tax considerations.

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