The Salvatierra Fund for Justice

Northfield Shares, Our Community Foundation, is proud to announce the establishment of the Salvatierra Fund for Justice. This fund was established by a collaborative effort initiated by Salvatierra Farms in Northfield, MN. It has been created to support community organizations and community led efforts that seek fair access to healthy food and dignified affordable housing.

Salvatierra Farms is owned by Regi and Amy Haslett-Marroquin. The farm was named in honor of Regi’s mother, whose family name translates to “Earth-Saver” in English. Regi and Amy both have a long history of working with food security. Amy spent endless hours volunteering at the Emergency Food Shelf that her mother founded and managed in her hometown of Marshalltown, Iowa while Regi worked with organizations assisting displaced people in his home country of Guatemala. Together, they have supported food access at Los Hogares Orphanage in Santa Apolonia, Guatemala where they met as volunteers in 1990. Over the years, many Northfielders have joined their efforts to ensure the children of Santa Apolonia have access to healthy food. Through the Regenerative Ag Alliance and Tree Range Farms, Regi has made it his life’s work to create sustainable and equitable food systems in both the US and Guatemala.

Salvatierra Farms hopes to join many other area farms that are already collaborating to bring farm fresh foods to the Community Action Center’s efforts to feed families in need. Establishing the Salvatierra Fund for Justice yet another approach to food security.

Regi explains, “These funds are intended to be different from crisis or emergency based services…The intent is to provide the community with managed, predictable and more permanent source of resources to deal with food and housing security issues in our community. The more we grow this fund, the more resources become available each year.”

Northfield Shares would like to encourage others to support this fund. You are invited to participate by making contributions or by helping to spread the word in the community to request donations for the endowment. Contributions can be directed to Northfield Shares, Our Community Foundation, via mail or online at – For Donors. Be sure to note Fund for Justice with your gift.