Thank You Library Volunteers

Ann Dybvik

Volunteers play a significant role in programming and outreach at the Northfield Public Library.  From cleaning books to organizing events to helping with programming, volunteers at the library are important.  Volunteer Ann Dybvik assists in promoting library programs by distributing event posters and volunteering on the bookmobile; she can also be found spending many hours cleaning children’s books.  Another wonderful volunteer, Jennifer Cox Johnson, has been volunteering at the library for many years. Jennifer assisted with packing up library materials before the renovation and currently helps with children’s programs.  Programs such as delivering materials to homebound patrons would be tough to run without volunteers like Pete. Pete can be found regularly delivering library materials to patrons, bringing the library services to them. Pete’s wife, Susan, is also an active volunteer, working with the Friends of the Library Board and helping keep the shelves organized and tidy.  Thank you volunteers for your dedication to our library, your work is vital to helping the library run smoothly.

Pete and Susan

Jennifer Cox Johnson