Shining a Light On & Thank You to all Volunteers!

During National Volunteer Week, Northfield Shares, our Community Foundation, wants to recognize and celebrate the thousands of volunteers in Northfield and surrounding area and the impact they make on our Community.

Volunteerism has always been instrumental in Northfield and it continues to shine and show the incredible gifts given by so many.  This couldn’t be truer now during these last several weeks.

Volunteers play a major role in our schools, nonprofits, care centers, library and beyond. Remember Northfield Shares a Dinner in August?  Volunteers numbering near 500 planned, grew, set, cooked, served, directed, cleaned and performed to bring 1200+ members of our community together for a shared meal on Division Street.

Currently, we have people – thousands strong – helping in a myriad of ways to serve our neighbors, friends and community as we face the COVIID-19 pandemic together.

So whether you are helping by staying home, sewing masks, sharing inspirational messages on sidewalks, trees, and windows, stepping up to help our medical centers, delivering  Meals on Wheels, helping at the food shelf or making a financial contribution to a nonprofit, we say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

With deep gratitude from the Staff and Board of Directors of Northfield Shares

Read the article from April 22, 2020 in the Northfield News!