Adopt a Highway

Volunteers clean up a section of highway
Northfield Shares has adopted three sections of highway, through the Adopt a Highway Program, on behalf of Northfield Shares volunteers. This way, groups of volunteers (as few as four and as many as 20) can participate in highway cleanup without making a tri-annual, multi-year commitment.

Highway cleanup is a great volunteer project for groups of many sizes, who care about the environment, and who are looking for an outdoor volunteer opportunity that is very flexible with regard to date and time. All the sections are located in southern Dakota County on the north end of Northfield. Safety vests, gloves, garbage bags and a safety video will be provided.

To volunteer your group to clean up one of these sections, please contact us.

Available Sections

  • Hwy 96 (320th St. W.) from the intersection where Cedar (Foliage/Hwy 23) jogs and heads north again, for two miles heading west until Holyoke Avenue. This is a fairly kid-friendly stretch of country dirt road with little to moderate traffic. There are several places to park along the way. Volunteers are responsible for both sides of the road.
  • Hwy 47 (Northfield Boulevard) from Hwy 3 extending two miles northeast until Cannon River Boulevard (County Road 94), right by Taylor Trucking Company. This is a fairly busy stretch of road with lots of truck traffic and is not recommended for younger children. Parking is limited; there is a closed-off access driveway on the south side close to Hwy 3, and we have obtained permission from Taylor Trucking for volunteers to park in the grass by their sign. Volunteers are responsible for both sides of the road.
  • County Road 94 (Cannon River Boulevard) from Hwy 47 (Northfield Boulevard) near Taylor Trucking to Alta Avenue. This is a very kid-friendly stretch of country dirt road with little traffic. There are lots of places to park at both ends, in the middle and along the way. This stretch seems like it’s longer than two miles, but it’s not. Volunteers are responsible for both sides of the road.

Tips for a Successful Event


  • Set a date and time and communicate it with your group. We recommend setting an “in case of rain” date as well.
  • Advise participants to wear old clothes, sturdy shoes and sunscreen, and to bring a water bottle.
  • Pick up safety vests, gloves, garbage bags and safety video from Northfield Shares.
  • Figure out the logistics: Where will the group meet? How many vehicles will you need? Where will you drop off and pick up? Where will the vehicles park?


  • Meet at the agreed-upon location, view the safety video and review the safety guidelines.
  • Distribute safety vests, gloves and trash bags to your participants. Don’t forget your camera!
  • Drop off your volunteers.
  • Leave the filled garbage bags/trash debris along the side of the road for pick-up.
  • Pick up your volunteers and gather the vests, gloves and unused trash bags.
  • Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!
  • Thank you, volunteers! You did a great service for the environment and your community!


  • Contact us as soon as you are done, so we can arrange for the trash that your group collected to be picked up.
  • Return the vests, gloves, unused garbage bags and safety video to Northfield Shares.
  • Send your pictures to Northfield Shares so we can celebrate your good service to the community.