Tutor ‘Learning Superheroes’ in Northfield Schools

Volunteers are requested from September 1 to June 1.

Accelerate Northfield is seeking community members to tutor elementary school students in reading and math and to help them become “Learning Superheroes.” Volunteers are asked to work in schools at least one hour a week. After completing a required criminal background check, tutors are asked to review an online tutoring orientation. Then, they are pick tutoring opportunities that best fit their situation.

There is one requirement that Accelerate Northfield seeks in volunteers: they possess a desire to help students transform into learning superheroes. Tutors are asked to work in district schools at least one hour each week, although most put in more time than that.

Following a simple registration process (online signup through Accelerate Northfield and a background check administered by Northfield Public Schools), tutors are provided with access to Accelerate Northfield’s electronic database of tutor requests from district teachers. The database, called the matching site, is categorized by teacher, school, subject and tutoring times.

When a volunteer accepts a tutoring assignment, a confirmation email in sent to the volunteer and the teacher. Typically, the teacher and volunteer connect about the assignment prior to the tutor meeting with students.

On days they work with students, volunteer tutors sign in electronically in the main office of the school where they are working and are directed their classroom. They then meet with students and head to their tutoring location, whether that be a corner of a classroom or in the hallway outside a classroom.

Accelerate Northfield is a collaboration among parents, community members and organizations dedicated to improving the academic performance of students in the Northfield, MN area. Nearly all of the students assisted in their studies have attended School District 659’s three elementary schools. Doing the heavy lifting in encouraging students to take steps toward “Learning Superhero” status – in other words, making strides in academic performance – has been community volunteers. These tutors, ranging in age from college students to seniors, work with youngsters either on a one-on-one basis or in small groups in reading or math. Accelerate Northfield continues to seek community members to join its team of tutors. Information about becoming a tutor appears on Accelerate Northfield’s website, www.acceleratenorthfield.org.