School Nurse at Summer PLUS

Volunteers are requested from June 19 to August 3.

Summer PLUS is a summer program for elementary students in Northfield that is, essentially, part summer school and part summer camp. The program runs for 7 weeks during the summer in an effort to proactively prevent summer learning loss. It is an extension of our school-year PLUS program, whose mission is to blend academic support and enrichment opportunities for students with identified academic, social-emotional, or English-language needs. Summer PLUS will see roughly 200 K-5 students at Greenvale Park Elementary daily.
The Summer PLUS School Nurse will administer any medications or inhalers, band-aids or ice packs when needed. They may also attend to sunburns, bug bites, upset stomachs or headaches. Finally, the School Nurse may need to call parents if a student needs to go home due to an illness or injury.
It’s okay if you can only commit to half days or part of the summer. We are willing to be flexible.