Construction Worker

Northfield WORKS

This is an ongoing volunteer opportunity

The CAC’s community job partnership program, Northfield WORKS, is looking for skilled volunteers to assist Northfield-area job seekers on their journey to sustainable employment.

Northfield WORKS is a community job partnership program focused on ending poverty one job at a time by providing job training and placement for low-income, underemployed and unemployed people in the Northfield area. Made possible through the support of our skilled partner businesses, volunteers and donors, Northfield WORKS empowers our Northfield neighbors in need, offering skills and guidance to lead lives of self-sufficiency. The benefits of Northfield WORKS are numerous, but most notably:

Employers gain access to pre-screened, well-trained and reliable employees who are backed by the CAC.

Those living in poverty put themselves on a supported path to economic self-reliance through intentional and sustained employment.