Make a difference volunteering in Kenya Africa!

Volunteers are requested from March 23 to March 23.


* Immerse yourself in rich African culture *
* Lend a helping hand *
* Make a life-long friend *

This is a volunteer opportunity for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in African culture and environment. Opportunities involve choice of working in an orphanage, school and community setting.

• Fill up your heart with the rich experience of interacting with children and youth in an orphanage and school setting located in Kenya, Africa

• Experience a day of life through the eyes of passionate women with HIV+ as you assist them with the making and selling of their handcrafted items.

• You can choose the length of your placement starting from 2 weeks.
• You can choose to spend all of your time in one placement (such as the school) or rotate through placements on different days.
• Volunteer roles include assisting teachers with the students and learning activities in the classroom environment, helping in the orphanage assisting children with feeding, grooming and play activities.
• The community setting project involves working with and assisting middle aged women with HIV + with their small business including making and selling hand crafted items such as jewelry and textiles.
• You will have the opportunity to bring your own activity ideas and expertise to each project OR follow projects activity structure, if desired.
• You will stay in a comfortable volunteer home with option to have your own room. 3 meals a day will be provided with options for special dietary needs.
• You will be transported each day to and from your project safely with an African staff member.
• You can create your schedule based upon your own needs and the projects availability (such as having late afternoons and evenings free when working in the school).
• You will have an African support member go with you to project daily if you desire to provide translating and support if desired.

Please inquire with any questions & interest Andrea

Check out our website for more details, photos and videos.