Circles of Service

At Northfield Shares, we’re convinced that community service activities are outlets for pursuing your passions … learning new skills … spending time with friends and neighbors … making a difference … and most of all, having fun. Whether you’re new to the area, a townie by definition or a townie at heart, a Circle of Service is a great way for you to have a significant impact on the Northfield community and beyond, all while spending time with your friends and neighbors.

What is a Circle of Service?

When explaining the concept, there are two definitions of “circle” that tell it best:

  1. An area of action or influence
  2. A group of persons sharing a common interest or revolving around a common center

In a nutshell, a Circle of Service provides a structure and outlet for like-minded people to quickly and easily engage in service activities on a regular basis. Even better, we’re so jazzed about this concept, Northfield Shares wants to support your efforts. So whether it’s a group of classmates, your poker buddies, or strangers who rally around a particular interest (say interior painting, for example), we’ll partner with you by helping you and your group keep your service commitment and find meaningful activities in which to get involved.

What are the benefits of a Circle of Service?

  • Action-oriented: The model doesn’t require administrative meetings and evenly distributes the planning and organizing among all members. This, in turn, provides for a wonderful variety of activities and projects.
  • Defined Commitment: We’ve seen groups engage in service projects four times per year and we’ve seen groups plan a project every month … the choice is up to you.
  • Friendship: There’s no doubt that working together in service provides the basis for meaningful relationships. You’ll enjoy getting to know your friends and neighbors better than ever before, all while benefiting the world around you.
  • Results: Since each project has a defined commitment, you’ll quickly see the fruits of your labor.

Get started today!

Maybe you’re already involved in a group or club that would like to incorporate a service element into its meetings. Or maybe you’re interested in joining a group that meets every other month.

Circle of Service Toolkit

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