Nutting Beautification Fund

Ruth Nutting designated a portion of her gift to establish a Beautification Fund to enhance the esthetics of Northfield. Northfield Shares honors her wishes each year by granting funds for the purpose of beautifying Northfield.

Since 2005, this fund has provided 20 grants totaling $90,499 (as of January 2015) and the original principal is intact and growing. Thanks to Ruth, the foundation could partner with the Northfield Rotary Club to install a garden at the soccer complex in Ruth’s honor; the Garden Club to provide beautiful plantings on Bridge Square and around town; Cannon River Watershed Partnership to plant a rain garden in Way Park; the friends of Lashbrook Park to regenerate prairie plantings; and Northfield Retirement Community to build the Pathways of Faith Park, which is open to all.

Thank you, Ruth, for helping to make our community beautiful.