The Northfield Shares Fund is a permanent endowment created to benefit the people of the greater Northfield area. Northfield Shares accepts and administers gifts from many sources to help meet the needs of the community. The endowment itself, along with other endowments for which Northfield Shares is responsible, continues to grow and yield earnings each year. Some funds are managed by Minnesota Community Foundation, a public charity that administers funds for the benefit of organizations and communities throughout Minnesota. Other funds are owned and managed by Northfield Shares.

Donors who have entrusted Northfield Shares with their funds share our core values. Each and every day, we ensure they remain at the forefront of our operations.

  • We believe that resources go further through collaboration.
  • We support creative and innovative solutions when addressing the needs and interests of our area.
  • We are an inclusive organization that embraces the Northfield area in all of its diversity.
  • We seek to empower stakeholders in building a better Northfield.

Northfield Shares makes annual grants to local organizations. Deadlines vary from year to year, but generally speaking, applications are due in mid-October and grants are awarded early in the new year. A list of the organizations that have received grants since 2001 is available upon request.

Grant Review Committee Members

  • Wendell Arneson, Community Volunteer
  • Sue Couture, Northfield Shares Board Member
  • Craig Ellingboe, Northfield Shares Board Member
  • Kari Nelson, Northfield Shares Board Member
  • Kris Estenson, Northfield Shares Board Member
  • Paula Sannes, Community Volunteer
  • Donna Rae Scheffert, Northfield Shares Board Member

If you have any questions, please contact Executive Director Mike Krance at 507-403-9755 or or Sue Couture at 507-213-0729 or