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May 15–17, 2014

Join this fun, citywide garage sale event and support worthy causes! Each year, we have a growing number of large sales hosted by churches, schools and nonprofit organizations to serve as anchors, and when individuals, families and neighborhoods join in, it creates a great synergy that produces massive results. Last year, nearly $33,000 was donated to chosen nonprofits!

1 Host a Sale

By hosting a sale, you agree to give at least 50% of sale proceeds to a charity or cause of your choice.

2 Shop the Sales

Check back often for an updated map of sale sites and begin planning your route. Not only could you score some great deals, you’ll feel good knowing you’re supporting worthy causes.

3 Donate Goods to a Sale

Many of our sale hosts have agreed to accept quality, second-hand treasures to sell alongside their own goods.

garage sale

We exist to encourage acts of philanthropy. So whether you are a site host or a shopper, we want to make your act of giving as easy as possible. In support of the Goods for Good event, Northfield Shares will:

  • Promote the event regionally
  • Produce site maps
  • Provide signs for sale hosts
  • Coordinate the disposal of leftovers
  • Help distribute proceeds
refreshment stand

It’s a win-win for everyone:

  • Sale hosts and those who donate goods to a sale simplify their lives by getting rid of unwanted items. Through a sale, they raise money for nonprofits.
  • Shoppers buy items at affordable prices, discover hidden treasures and know that their purchases benefit worthy causes.
  • Nonprofits receive donations that don't take away from existing fundraising efforts.


  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday sale
  • Friday, Saturday sale
  • Saturday sale
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